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Pat Newton – Latest                                     Posted 10th December 18
Much better news as Pat’s physiotherapy is making a difference. It hurts but there’s more mobility in both elbows, though her arms are weak. It was lovely to see a more positive Pat, wearing her own clothes and even having some (anxious) thoughts about home. Still a resident at The Orchards, 164 Shard End Crescent Shard End B34 7BP Phone: 0121 730 2040 (Room 38)
Paul Cox – Artist and Author                          Posted 10th December 18
Paul Cox – Local artist and author to Sutton Coldfield. I have upwards of 1000 pieces of artwork covering many genres which consists of: Abstract, Surrealism, Geometric Abstract, Land and Seascapes, Military Aircraft, Natural History, Fantasy, Native American, pastels of past famous people of music, TV and Film and much more that can be viewed anytime. I also have 10 books that can be downloaded on Amazon Kindle that is suitable to all ages. The book titles include: Infamous Irony of Poetry, Ode for a song, Catch-22-SAS (1980s fiction), Tales and Poems from the Countryside, Symmetrical Dream (Fairy Tale), The Adventures of Tom Smythe (Historical Faction), Death in Dell Woods (Nature Fiction), Angels on Horseback ( Animal Adventure), Flora of the British Isles, The Weird and the Unexpected (unusual short stories).
All art and books can be discussed if you contact me Paul Cox on 07572972961 or, 0121 240 6119
Remember Remember the First October     Posted 25th September 18
OK, That’s not the usual rhyme. In fact, it doesn’t even rhyme, but the date is significant to our Rambles Secretary.
It’s the day he starts work on the January – July 2019 Programme. Yep, 2019 will soon be upon us….. The aim is to get the programme sorted so paper copies are available at our Christmas meal. We are planning for 6 coaches, and continuing our established pattern of walks – offering a long and a short option on Sundays and also walks on Thursdays, C first, D second. There’ll also be a D walk on the first Sunday. Our evening pub walks will begin once summer arrives in May and there’s be some other “social” walks.
Of course that means we need leaders. I have lots of walk ideas, no doubt you have to. Together we’ll get this Programme planned.
Colin Lowrey
0121 382 1411 – phone
07773731105 – phone or text – e mail
Camino Ingles                                             Posted 30th July 18
I am planning a Camino for September 2019. In all probability it will be the Camino Ingles, beginning in Ferrol. There may be limits on the number of Rambleros as in a couple of places accommodation may be limited. Also, travel out to Santiago de Compostela will be on 06.00 flight from Gatwick, taking a National Express coach from Digbeth, leaving around Midnight . The return flight enables a return by train.
( That is if EasyJet’s timetable remains the same as it has for the past few years ).
Any queries to me John Twort
The Brigands Camino                                   Posted 30th July 18
The Brigands Walk is a path that follows in the footsteps of the Cartore Brigands and runs through the Salto Valley on the slopes of Monte Velino.It is a 110km track running from village to village into the mountains of Marsica. It is famous for its wild nature and stunning landscapes. These Briganti are the Italian version of Robin Hood. They were welcomed by locals as they fought against the invasion of the area by the state of Savoy. You can live their story in a 7 day adventure. The path is well defined and watched over by local rangers. However, adventure is always just around the corner. Do not forget this is Italy. The sense of hospitality is great and you will enjoy local specialities. The path can be done in 7 days walking about 15km a day. There is the opportunity to be hosted in Rome to spend more days in the capital.
Organised by Caterina Cattel 07809 258245
Period – May 25 – 3 June, 2019
Area – Between Lazio and Abruzzo, Italy
Accommodation – Local bed and breakfast in small pension

Cost – 30 euros daily for dinner, bed and breakfast
Flights – to be booked from Birmingham to Rome
Local transport – luggage transfer from one place to another
Spring Break 2019 to Weston-Super-Mare       Posted 10th April 18
Pat Grainger is organising the spring break for 2019 to: Sandringham Hotel, 1-9 Victoria square, Weston-Super-Mare, BS23 1AN. Phone: 01934 624891 Website:
If you would like to go, first contact Pat Grainger on 0121 238 7756 or email:

The cost is £190. This is for coach travel, 4 nights at the Sandringham Hotel and 3 days walking (or sightseeing).
Sutton Coldfield Ramblers Polo Shirts   
Top quality Polo shirts with “Sutton Coldfield Ramblers” embroidered on the front and back.
Embroidered logo on front left top, slightly larger on the rear. The shirt & logo can be of any colour combination from the chart.
Sizes : extra small, small, medium, large, extra large. The shirts come in standard fit & ladies fit.
Cost : £14-40 each How to order :
See Bill Paskin at any of the social evenings, he will bring samples to these evenings.
or – Contact Bill Paskin by phone or email : 0121 384 5664 or
Remember to state the shirt size & fit plus the colour of shirt and logo.
Make cheques out to ‘Sutton Coldfield Ramblers’
Archive of past walks     Posted 21-01-2015
An archive containing details of past walks is now in operation. It can be accessed from a menu option on the top of the Walks Program page.  Currently the archive contains the 3 months of July/Aug/Sept 2014 (the new website only started in July 2014) but blocks of 3 months will be transferred to the archive & removed from the current walks menu over time.
Further details are on the Archive menu page.
Enlarging website text for easier reading  Posted 17-12-2014
Remember that if you need to make any website text easier to read, all browsers have a Zoom in & zoom out option.  The easiest way to do this is to hold down the Ctrl key & then tap the + key (make larger) or the – <minus> key (make smaller).
Picasa : How to resize photos for email – Video   Posted 29-11-2014
Picasa is a free program from Google that you can use to organize and edit digital photographs e.g. It assists in the resizing of photos ready for emailing.
I would like to encourage more members to send in photos from walks but occasionally the photos are tiny (not doing justice to the photographer) or they are excessively large (requiring multiple emails to be sent with <say> only 2 or 3 photos in each email).
A number of members use Picasa & I have therefore produced a short video to demonstrate how easy it is for Picasa users to adjust the size of photos that are to be sent by email. 
Click to see video: 
Video button
This video will also soon be available within ‘Guidelines for Photographers’ from the ‘Documents & Policies’ menu.
Brian Downing

 Miscellaneous Notices :

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Peter Fox (‘By George Computer Repairs’) offers an excellent discounted PC maintenance and repair  service to members of Sutton Coldfield Ramblers.
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