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This website went live in July 2014 & walk information is therefore only available from this time.
The walks archive contains all the information for past walks that was originally available on the Walks Programme pages. But, note that maps may have been separately culled and therefore unavailable. For convenience, each archive page covers 3 months. Grey month blocks = not yet archived.
The most efficient way of finding the information you require . .
is to chose the required year & month block and then use your computer’s ‘Find’ function. With Windows computers this can be accessed by holding down Ctrl and tapping the ‘F’ key (upper or lower case). A ‘Find’ (search) box will then appear, often near the top left of the screen, but this will vary with the browser being used. Within this box type in all or part of the word or phrase that you are looking for. Click on the forward/backward buttons (usually arrows) to find the next occurance within the page. Ctrl/F works in all Windows programs, web pages etc. and is one of the most useful & commonly used tools in browsing.
Remember also that Ctr/Home & Ctrl/End (using the keyboard keys without the Num Lock on) takes you to the top or bottom of a web page. This can be useful with long pages like these 3 month archive web pages.